This worship plan is unique. Please take a moment to watch this short explanation video.



Before we go any further, it's important that we stop and ask God to meet with us. Would you invite Him to teach you, to speak to you clearly?

Discussion: Why do think we find it so hard to be still and be quiet for any length of time?




Take a moment and read Psalm 136.1-9. Ask everyone echo the refrain, “His steadfast love endures forever!” Go around your family and take turns sharing what God has done for you - and everyone else answers back, “His steadfast love endures forever!”

Did you find it difficult to do? Or could you just keep on going for hours?

The more we recognize that God has done, the more confident we become in His ability and willingness to answer our prayers. In that confidence, then, please take some time to pray together over these needs (and any others of which you are aware).

  • Lift up all of the sick and hurting around us.
  • Pray for the many, many families around us dealing with loss of jobs and income.
  • Hold up all of our healthcare workers.
  • Ask God's blessing and direction on the leaders of our city, our state, and our nation as they navigate this crisis.
  • Pray for all of the lonely, discouraged, and fearful people around and among us.
  • Let us pray that the people all over the world will hear and respond to the gospel in this unprecedented time. 

the discipline of stillness


wrapping up: stuff you should know


Step 3: practicing stillness

It's pretty simple, but here are some important points:

  • Turn off or put away everything - tv, music, phone, EVERYTHING - for a little while.
  • Color (or doodle or some similar) while you meditate on the promise of the passage - OR - grab pen and paper and start here, "Because He is God, I find joy..."
  • Spend a little time. (We recognize that some households will be able to do this more easily than others, but please don't rush through it.)

After some time being still, take a few minutes to discuss:

  • How difficult was it to be still?
  • Did you find yourself watching the clock?
  • What did God bring to your mind during this stillness?
  • How do you think you could incorporate the discipline of stillness into your weekly or daily spiritual practices?

Take a few minutes to PRAY together and ask God to press this true value of stillness into your hearts?