We are family striving

to Embrace, Explore, and Express

God's grace.

We are passionate about the great grace of our God and how that works in and through the lives of flawed, broken people. We long to continually lean into and embrace that grace together, gratefully receiving of God’s abundant outpouring. We spend time exploring ​the treasures of Scripture that put God’s grace on display. And because we have received so very much grace, we want to be a living expression of that grace to one another and to everyone we meet. And how do we do that? Well, we do it like family. 

Core values

We value worship. As we gather to worship, we want it to be like a family reunion, sitting at the feet of our faithful Father, celebrating the wonders of His love and grace. We believe our lives were created for this.

We value prayer. As our most intimate interaction between us and our God, prayer has a crucial place in the life of every believer. But it is a very unique exchange when we share it together. It is our joyful duty to lift one another in prayer.

We value Bible teaching. The searching of the Scriptures is a primary focus. Everything we are and everything we do are being informed, tested, and refined as we continually learn to see life through the lens of biblical truth.

We value grace. Grace is the expression of God’s love for us because of who He is and despite who we are. But it is also the key to broken people sharing life together as grace flows freely between and through us.

We value family. More than a social norm or a genetic arrangement, family is a spirit of commonality that we share. Like a band of orphans adopted by the same Father, we are family.