Well, the world has not gotten less crazy since last weekend, but God is still in control even when it doesn't seem like it. I'm so grateful for the encouraging feedback from last weekend's worship plan and I hope this one helps each household to pause and spend some time in worship to our Savior. May His grace abound as we align our hearts in worship!

- Mike             

Now for something... a little different.

Tyson was helping me with some things, so we sat down and made this video for this week's announcements. Enjoy! (Or endure - you decide!)


Dig into prayer!

Brother James gave us some really practical instructions about how we can pray together and for one another. Take a moment to read James 5.13-18 together and then share and pray!

  • share your burdens

    Take some time to talk about the things that are weighing on your hearts, things that you have been struggling with, or worries and fears that are nagging you. 

  • Take time to celebrate

    Share the things you are grateful for... or maybe even share how you have seen GRACE this week!

  • lift up the sick and the hurting

    Talk about all the sick people we know and those that we don't know. Lift up those who are struggling in these scary days.

  • pray big prayers

    What kind of big, seemingly crazy thing do you long to see God do? Pray for those things together.

worship music

We have gathered some worship music videos with lyrics to make it possible for you all to sing and worship. Turn it up and sing out!


Kids' message

I sure miss hanging out with my buddies, but this will have to do for now!


Jesus... and his agony

This morning's message centers on the two statements Jesus made on the cross about His own feelings. In these two statements, Jesus teaches us a very powerful lesson on prayer.



I encourage you to take a few moments to listen to this powerful song and the story behind it. It seems as poignant now as ever. Let this soak in - He weeps with us.


LEt's talk about it

Take a few minutes to discuss together:

  • What does Jesus' cry of agony teach us about prayer?
  • What kind of things have you found are hardest to be honest about with God?
  • What feelings have you experienced that you haven't felt you can talk freely about in prayer?

Take a moment and pray that God will teach you to be free and honest in prayer.

one last thing!

Would you take a picture or short video of your household taking time to worship together? If you would, please tell us what you miss most about our Calvary family worship gatherings. Mike will compile them into a video and share it with the family!