take time to pray together

There are a number of things about which we should continue to pray. In addition to all of the individual health and circumstantial difficulties (most of which we are not sharing here due to confidentiality issues), we want to be faithful to lift up these needs:

  • Pray faithfully for all of the healthcare workers and other front-line agents fighting the pandemic of COVID-19.
  • Pray for our leaders locally, statewide, nationally, and around the world, as they seek to lead well in these unprecedented challenges.
  • Pray for the lonely around and among us. This season of near total isolation can be devastating - particularly to those who live alone.


We've gathered some music that we hope you can watch and sing along with to make worship more than a spectator sport!


Calvary kids!

We wouldn't be who we are without our kids being in the middle of what we do as a church. SO  here is this week's Kids Message!


message: Jesus... and the criminals

We began a couple of weeks ago to look at the different things that Jesus said while He hung on the cross. Today we're considering the conversation that took place between Jesus and the two men who were crucified alongside Him.



It's important that we don't miss the opportunity to go deeper with this message by discussing it together. With that in mind, here are some discussion question to get it started:

What was it about how Jesus endured the crucifixion that revealed that He was who He claimed to be?

Why do you think some people see Jesus and believe who He is and some people see and don’t believe?

What kind of difficult or painful experiences have we been through that revealed the truth of our character (good and bad)?

When you look around at the crazy stuff happening in the world around us, how can you handle things in a way that reveals Jesus in you?

a closing hymn

As we bring our time of directed worship to a close, celebrate together the wondrous payment Jesus made on our behalf when He died in our place!