Family worship plan

sunday, april 5, 2020

We've tried to simplify a little this week. All of the videos are here in the top section, so take time to watch in whatever order you choose! But please take some time to go through the discussion questions that follow. (In case you missed it, we included the video we made with all of the clips you all sent in last week. It's called "What We Miss." Enjoy!)


Let's talk about it!

Take a moment and read Psalm 31.1-5. Then discuss these questions together:

  • Does it change the way we see Jesus' words in Luke 23.46 when we read the same words in Psalm 31?
  • What do we learn from Jesus' placing His life in the hands of God the Father?
  • Mike pointed us to 1 Peter 4.19. If we go through suffering in this life, what does this passage teach us about how we should respond to it?
  • When we look at all of the craziness and chaos going on around us, what do you think is the most godly way to respond in light of what we've seen from the Word today?

further reflection

Here are a few videos that we've gathered for further reflection and worship.